Research Group

Research has become an increasingly important part of the core business of higher education. GIFT is paying more attention to an organisational solution to serve their research mandate in the best possible and most efficient manner.In this regard, the creation and formalisation of research groups at the institutional level are becoming increasingly important ingredients in the institutional strategies. In GIFT, the concept of the research group is used to mark a formal organisational level as an engine of productivity of research from the departmental level to the institutional objective. The page depicts the significance for academic staff members of research groups established and formalised as part of research strategies and explores the levels of participation and stresses the importance of such group-related activities with regard to the level of participation, perceived impact on research quality and researcher training. GIFT believes that formalised research groups can have a positive effect on the quality of individual research to the group research cutting across the departments.

Department of Agriculture Engineering

S.NoResearch Group NameLead FacultyField of Research
1Farm MechanizationDr Satyananda SwainStatus of Farm Mechanization, New Machines and Equipment, AI and ML in Agriculture, Supply Chain Management , Automation in Agriculture, Precision Agriculture Employment Scope in Scientific Agriculture
2Agricultural processing and Food TechnologyProf Samir Ranjan BiswalEngineering Properties of Agricultural Produce, Status and Prospects of Food Processing Industry, qualities of food products, operations and equipment for processing, preservation, storage, value addition, material handling, packaging, dairy engineering.
3Soil Water Conservation EngineeringProf Nalini Sankar BeheraSoilconservation structures, water conservation, irrigation water management, hydrology, watershed management, ground water hydrology, irrigation systems and pumps, and GIS and Remote sensing
4Farm machinery and power engineeringProf Banasmita BeheraFarm tools, equipment and machineries, Vibration Studies,
5Renewable Energy for AgricultureDr Satyananda SwainDifferent sources of farm power, Solar energy, Biomass and biogas, Bioethanol: organic fuel suitable for farm vehicles and obtained from fermentation of vegetation, Biodiesel organic fuel for farm use obtained from vegetable oils
6Irrigation and DrainageProf Nalini Sanker BeheraPrediction of lean season discharge of water resources for important crops, soil moisture characterization and its impact on productivity of important local crops. natural resources mapping and developing strategy for water resources management

Department of Basic Science and Humanities

S.NoResearch Group NameLead FacultyField of Research
1Fluid DynamicsDr. Prasanna Kumar RoutMHD Flow,Porous Media,Micropolar Fluid, Nano Fluid
2High energy physics phenomenologyDr. Bidyut Prava NayakNeutrino oscillation , Investigations beyond Standard Model , Baryon asymmetry, Dark matter
3Multi Criteria Decision MakingDr.Manoranjan MishraApplication of MCDM methods in Transportation models
4Fluid DynamicsDr. Kharabela SwainHeat and mass transfer, nanofluid, porous media
5British LiteratureBikram Keshari RoutPoetry of Seamus Heaney
6West ManagementDr.Himanshu bhusan PanigrahiAlgae Culture

Department of Civil Engineering

S.NoResearch Group NameLead FacultyField of Research
1Structural DesignHoney MishraDesign of various components of Residential Building, Industrial, and Testing
2Construction Materials using Nano technologyAbhijit MangarajSynthesis, testing, study of microstructure
3Water Resource and IrrigationChitrabhanu SahooGround water Recharge, Irrigation structure
4Material ScienceAnkit JenaSustainable Construction, Reuse of Waste Materials
56Environmental EngineeringDr. Haripriya MishraDr. Anni MishraSolid waste management, Waste water Treatment

Department of Computer Science and Engineering / Master in Computer Application

S.NoResearch Group NameLead FacultyField of Research
1Data Science and ComputingMr. Satyajit NayakArtificial Intelligence, Image and Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Brain Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Stochastic Computing, Natural Language Processing, Web Mining and other relevant scope
2System and SecurityDr Saroj Kumar RoutReal-time System, Embedded System, Distributed System, Cloud Computing, Cloud Network and Security, Wireless Sensor Networking, Cryptography, Big Data,Bioinformatics, parallel Computing and other relevant scope
3IOT and RoboticsDr Sujit Kumar PandaInternet of Things, RoboHuman Communication, Robo-Robo Communication, System Reliability and Quality, Circuit and Instrumentation, Nano-Technology, andother relevant scope
4IOT and RoboticsDr. Sasmita PaniAL/ML
5Network SecurityDr.Y Sobhan BabuSystem & Security

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

S.NoResearch Group NameLead FacultyField of Research
1Photonic DevicesDr.P.K.SubudhiOptoelectronics,Photonic Crystal,Nanophotonics
2Signal ProcessingDr Ravi Narayan PandaChannel Equalization,Neural Network,ISI, Analog VLSI,Digital VLSI,MOS
3PhotonicsSaumendra BeheraNanophotonic devices, Optoelectronics,Photonic Crystal,Nanophotonics
4Wireless Sensor NetworkSubrat Kumar PandaWireless Sensor Network using Optimization
5Wireless Sensor NetworkRobin AbrahamClustering in Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN)
6VLSISaradiya Kishor ParijaAnalog VLSI,Digital VLSI,MOS
7VLSIDr. IV PrakashAI/ML

Department of Electrical Engineering

S.NoResearch Group NameLead FacultyField of Research
1Power & Energy systems groupSibananda MishraDevelopment of fly ash based insulators./ Transients in power system.
2Power EnergyDr. Subhandu SahuRenewable Energy
3Power EnergyDr. Somanath MishraRenewable Energy

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

S.NoResearch Group NameLead FacultyField of Research
1Power Electronics & DrivesDr.Satyajit MohantySmart Grid,Grid Synchronisation, Renewable Energy, Converter Design
2Power SystemDr.Srikanta Kumar DashApplication of Metaheuristic Algorithms to DC-DC Converters, Micro Grid, Phase locked loop,Filter Design

Department of Mechanical Engineering

S.NoResearch Group NameLead FacultyField of Research
1Alternative Fuels and IC EnginesDr. Nabnit PanigrahiImproving Performance of IC Engines with various fuels, Reducing Emission, Bio Diesel, Bio Fuel, Energy and Energy Analysis, Plastic Fuel, Diesel Engine Performance Evaluation, Using Nano fluid as a Coolant.
2Gas Turbines and Combined CycleDr Alok Kumar MohapatraPerformance Evaluation of Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Plant. Energy and Energy analysis, Emission analysis with NOx, CO and CO2 emission. Inlet air cooling as a method of improving performance. Performance evaluation of thermal power plants in different region. Effect of ambient temperature and humidity.
3Manufacturing and Metallurgical ScienceProf. Arvind TripathyManufacturing Science, Characterisation of Composite materials, Al/Al2O3 ultrafine composites, Powder Metallurgy, Manufacturing Engineering, Fibre Composites
4Alternative Field & IC EngineDr. Amar ku. DasImproving Proformance of IC Engines with various fuels, Reducing Emission, Bio Diesel, Bio Fuel, Energy and Energy Analysis, Plastic Fuel, Diesel Engine Performane Evaluation, Using Nano fluid as a Coolant.
5Producing EngineeringDr. Ch.V.S.P RaoUnconventional Machining

Department of Master of Business Administration

S.NoResearch Group NameLead FacultyField of Research
1O Band HRMDr. Mousumi PandaEmployee Engagement,Corporate Social Responsibility, Talent Management, Performance Management, Compensation Management.
2Marketing ManagementDr. Biswaranjan ParidaConsumer Behaviour, Retail Marketing, Service Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Advertising Management.
3Finance and EconomicsProf. Sipra KarmakarMerger and Acquisition, Pricing of shares and debentures, Mutual fund and Insurance, Money and Public finance, International Economics
4General ManagementDr. Debaraj MishraOutsourcing in Healthcare Management.
4General ManagementDr. Susama Sahu