Knowledge Transfer

It refers to sharing or disseminating of knowledge and providing inputs to problem solving. GIFT drives the exchange of employees’ knowledge, skills, and experiences through a well-defined structure for gaining knowledge and leveraging the same to the students. The Knowledge transfer is not training or circulation of information. It is about the collective effort in harnessing each member of the department through the Faculty member who has gain knowledge from attending knowledge events across the globe. GIFT believes that Knowledge Transfer will enhances the professional development and recognizing each person in the department as a valued member.

#Type of ProgramName of the Resource PersonTopicAffiliationDate Conducted
1SeminarDr. A.K.Chaubey,Physical Metallurgy ConceptsCSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar-75101310/6/2018
2Expert TalkDr.K.G. Prashanth“Additive Manufacturing Technologies- 3-D Printing, Rapid Prototyping”Associate Professor in Additive Manufacturing, Norwegian University of Science and Technology3/31/2018
4SeminarDr Rajesh Roshan DashGreen TechnoloyIIT,Bhubaneswar2/14/2020
5FDPDr Sisir Ku BeheraWaste to Energy Practices and Circular EconomyVIT,Vellore12/20/2019
6FDPDr S K MaharanaSCope of IoT in Waste ManagementAIT,Bangalore12/19/2019
7Guest LectureMr. Abinash MohantyImportance of Internships for Skill and EmployabilityBharat Industrial Training Institute1/25/2020
8Guest LectureEr,J.K.KhillarIndustrial Application of Electronics & CommunicationNALCO11/2/2019
9Technical SpeechMr.Debadatta MishraInterplanetory MissionISRO2/2/2018
10Guest LectureProf. Sanjit Kumar Swain“VLSI Design”Silicon Institute of Technology9/8/2018
11FDPDr. Rashmi Ranjan RoutSmart Cities & IoT – Transform Cities with Future SolutionNIT warangle6/17/2020
12Technical SpeechDr.Ajit Kumar NayakWireless sensor protocalAssistant professor,Department of CSE,Gandhi Institute For Technology,Bhubaneswar3/3/2017
1Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf.Manas Ranjan SethiAutomatic Water BottleGandhi Institute for Technology28/11/2019
2Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr.Sasmita PaniAn Engineering Model for developing Mobile Web AppsGandhi Institute for Technology12/12/2019
Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf.Subrat Kumar SahooAutomatic Car Sensing Wiper SystemGandhi Institute for Technology12/12/2019
3Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr.Saroj Kumar RoutEnergy Efficient Node Localization in WSNGandhi Institute for Technology19/12/2019
Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf.Monalisha SamalSniffer for detecting lost mobilesGandhi Institute for Technology19/12/2019
4Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr.P.K SubudhiDual band circular polarised printed antena for LTE and Wimax applicationsGandhi Institute for Technology2/1/2020
Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf.Amrutansu PanigrahiHetero-Leach protocol with heterogeneous energy constraintGandhi Institute for Technology2/1/2020
5Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf.Smruti Ranjan SwainFinancial Assistance to the Students for Higher StudiesGandhi Institute for Technology9/1/2020
6Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr.SuryaNarayan PatnaikSoftComptuing and its applications in Electrical SciencesHitech College of Engineering16/1/2020
7Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf.S.NayakHealth aware -HCI through Non Contact Integrated Multimodal SensingGandhi Institute for Technology6/2/2020
Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf.S.BeheraAutomatic Water TapGandhi Institute for Technology13/2/2020
8Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr.Aurobindo Kar, Dr.P.K SubudhiHow to Make Collaborative Learning Effectieve and EfficientGandhi Institute for Technology13/2/2020
9Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr.Aurobindo KarEnglish for Technical WritingGandhi Institute for Technology27/2/2020
10Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr.Sujit Kumar PandaInnovation through HackathonGandhi Institute for Technology12/3/2020
1Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr. Satyajit MohantyMaximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic System under Partial Shading ConditionGandhi Institute For Technology12.12.19
2Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr. Haripriya MishraHexavalent Chromium Removal from Sukinda Mines through Adsorption processGandhi Institute For Technology12.12.19
3Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr. Nabnit PanigrahiBio Diesel- An alernative fuel for IC engineGandhi Institute For Technology19.12.19
4Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionEr. Bishwajit PradhanResearch Trends in Current ScenarioKiewit Power21.12.19
5Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf. Madan Mohan SahuBill of Material SystemGandhi Institute For Technology02.01.20
6Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf. Honey MishraAn Approach to Sustainable Waste ManagementGandhi Institute For Technology09.01.20
7Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr. Surya Narayan PatnaikSoft Computing And Its Application in Electrical ScienceHiTech College16.01.20
8Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf. BKR PatnaikClimate Change and the Concept of Environmental JustificeGandhi Institute For Technology23.01.20
9Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf. Rojalin RoutA Novel Structure of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with High Voltage Level Generator Capability Using Reduced ComponentsGandhi Institute For Technology30.01.20
10Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf. Radha Krushna SahuProcess Failure Mode & EffectsGandhi Institute For Technology12.03.20
1Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf. (Dr.) Satyananda SwainAgriculture-The IndustryDeptt of Agri Engineering,GIFT,Bhubaneswar12/5/2019
2Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf. Bikram Keshari RoutHow to Improve the Engilish Speaking Capability of the Faculty MembersDept of BSH, GIFT, Bhubaneswar12/5/2019
3Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr.Kharbela SwainFluid on Stretching
Dept of BSH, GIFT, Bhubaneswar12/12/2019
4Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf.Sipra KarmakarMarket Fluctuation and Role of Macro Economic ParametersDept of MBA, GIFT,BBSR12/12/2019
5Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr. Himanshu Bhusana PanigrahyTwo way benefit of Algai Field Culture: A Pollution remedial measure as well as animal feedDept of BSH, GIFT, Bhubaneswar12/19/2019
6Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionMr .Samir Ranjan BiswalDEVELOPMENT OF PROCESS PROTOCOL FOR CASHEW- NUT BUTTERDeptt of Agri Engineering,GIFT,Bhubaneswar1/2/2020
7Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr. Biswaranjan ParidaIndia towards $ 5 Trillion Economy : A Reality or a GimmickDept of MBA, GIFT,BBSR1/2/2020
8Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr. Bidyut Prava NayakInvestigations Beyond the Standard Model: Neutrino Oscillation and SO(10) grand UnificationDept of BSH, GIFT, Bhubaneswar1/23/2020
9Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionProf. Sasmita HotaThinking tools as self-awareness for better teaching and learning process.Dept of BSH, GIFT, Bhubaneswar2/6/2020
10Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming SessionDr. Mousumi PandaImpact of NRC – CAA, with special reference to North East States of IndiaDept of MBA, GIFT,BBSR2/27/2020