Faculty Projects

There is a need of industry collaboration and exposure for every institute, university to be at the pace of the changing Technology and Business approach. The faculty of the institute requires working with the industry to understand, build the required skills that need to be translated to the Students. GIFT provides an atmosphere where each of the faculty members are encouraged to work on Industry projects. The faculty also involves students in these projects. The outcome is outstanding, as GIFT Is able to deliver project in all the scales ranging from small to large scale projects.

Name of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal Investigator/Co-investivatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardAmount SanctionedDuration of the projectName of the Funding AgencyType (Government/non-Government)
Energy and Exergy analysis of CI engine fuelled with blend of liquid carbon waste plastic fuel and mahua diselDr.Nabanit PanigrahiMech2019-20240000/-365 daysTEQIP-III,BPUTGOV
Studies on the improvement of engine performance ,emission and combustion characteristics of CI engine using Plastic oil blended dieselProf.Amar Kumar DasMech2019-20250000/-365 daysTEQIP-III,BPUTGOV
Implementation of stainless steel punched resistance box grid with semiconductor based supervisory control for 3phase slip ring induction motor used in EOT cranes &industriesDr.Srikant Ku.DashEEE2019-20300000/-30 daysUDRA ELECTRONICSPVT
Erection & testing commissioning of 11/0.415 KV Distribution transfermers at field (500KVA capacity (qty-2nosDr.Srikant Ku.DashEEE2019-20280000/-180 daysUDRA ELECTRONICSpvt
Design & Implementation of Hybrid energy aystem used for Electrification in Rural areasDr Sujit kumar bhuyanEEE2019-20215000/-365 daysTEQIP-III,BPUTGOV
Quality control for construction of rain water harvesting structure for kodingamali mines in koraputSurjit PattnaikCIVIL2019-20208100/-15daysOMCGOV
Android App DevelopmentProf.Sitanath BiswasCSE2019-20253300/-365 daysChilika Mobile AppGOV
Smart City &IOT:Transform Cities with Future SolutionDr.S Krishna Mohan RaoCSE2019-20470000/-65 daysAICTEGOV
Development of Office Management System (OMS)Dr.Soraj RoutMCA2019-20258000/-180 daysSoy Savings EnterprisePVT
Technical consultant for Repair and Maintenance of vehicle AC.Prof.Rajeswari ChainiMECH2018-1960000/-30DAYSB B MOTORSPVT
Technical Design Consultant.Prof.Radhakrushna SahuMECH2018-19105000/-60DAYSS D ConsultancyPVT
fabrication of Solar Light stand.Prof.Arvind TripathyMECH2018-1930000/-30daysSavvy Public SchoolPVT
Testing of Tensile strength from 8 mm to 100 mm MS. RodDr.Nabanit PanigrahiMECH2018-19105000/-60daysODYSSEY ADVANCED TELEMATICS SYSTEMS PVT. LTDPVT
Alumina -Graphaite composite material for high tempeture ApplicationProf.Arvind TripathyMECH2018-193550000/-3 yearsNALCOGOV
Academic suppoert service (Theory & Practical ) in High voltage Engineering subject -8 groups of studentsProf. Rojalin RoutEEE2018-19130000/-30 daysUNOPOS ENTERPRISES ,BhubaneswarPVT
Quality Control for Basic Infrasture Development in the adopted Dehuri sahi under kalapani G.P ,Jajpur.Prof.Abhijit MangarajCIVIL2018-1947400/-15daysOMCGOV
Quality control For Development of C C road inside mining lease are and Development of CC parking yard under parking plaza scheme in koira SundaragarhProf.Ankit Kumar JenaCIVIL2018-19279800/-30daysOMCGOV
Quality Control for Development of parking Yard near W.B-05 of putul pani mines in kendhujharProf.Surjit PattnaikCIVIL2018-1999976/-15daysOMCGOV
Online College Mangement SystemDr.Sachinandan MohantyCSE2018-19145000/-116 daysGANDHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANGEMENTPVT
Website DevlopmentMADHUSHREE KUANRCSE2018-19140000/-232daysPanda InfrastructurePVT
Website DevlopmentBISWAJEET SETHIMCA2018-19175000/-234 daysSaraswati TravelsPVT
Market ReserchSipra KarmakarMBA2018-1960000/-90daysRamco cementPVT
Technical Design Consultant.Prof Madan Mohan SahuMECH2017-18105000/-180 daysMAC Elearnung Revolution pvt LtdPVT
Technical Design Consultant.Prof.Radhakrushna SahuMECH2017-18103000/-180 daysS D Consultancy ServicePVT
Solar based automatic irrigation systemPI -Mr.Durga Prasad Mishra
Ms.Sushree Shataroopa Mohapatra
ECE2017-18100000/-2daysBehuria Agro Farm,BhubaneswarPVT
Smart Water Supply SystemPI-Dr.R.N. Panda
Ms.Monalisa Samal
Mr.Sukant Behera
Ms.Jharana Behera
Mr.Srikant Dash
ECE2017-18100000/-365daysHotel Swosti PremiumPVT
Automation of school bellPI -Mr.Sudhanshu Bhusan Pati
Mr. Gopinath Sengupta
Mr.Avinash Meher
ECE2017-1890000/-365daysMother’s Public SchoolPVT
Content design for Analog and Digital ElectronicsMr.Dharmendra Kumar NayakECE2017-1850000/-180 daysWinzest Edutech Pvt Ltd,HyderabadPVT
Digital Image Processing and its ApllicationDr.Pravat Ku.SubhudhiECE2017-18333500/-5daysAICTEGOVT
Testing of BDV value of Transfermer oil-117 Samples and Testing Flash opver voltage of disc insulators-145 samplesProf .Debasish NandaEEE2017-18320000/-30 DAYSUNOPOS ENTERPRISES,BHUBANESWARPVT
Quality control for Repairog dania-Jagar road from 0480 to 2180 km in KeonjharProf.Ananya ParidaCIVIL2017-18101500/-270 daysOMCGOVT