Placement Assistance

100% Guaranteed Placement Assistance

Whenever any student decides to take admission to an institution like ours, the very first thing that comes to his/her mind is “Do they provide 100% job guarantee?” After all, a job is what everyone wants. Gandhi Institute for Technology (GIFT) promises guaranteed placement of minimum CTC of 2.2L for career students and minimum CTC of 1.2L for non-career students.

To be eligible for the above job guarantee scheme:

  • Minimum 80% attendance in all semester
  • All subjects cleared
  • Student need to qualify Third Party Assessment(AMCAT and CoCubes) test with minimum 70% score for Career Students and 50% for non career students.
  • The students should undergo minimum 02 no’s in-house Industrial Skill Development course i.e. (AutoCAD, C/C++/DS Programming related, Python, PHP, GIS, MS Project, VLSI etc) to be executed by T&P Cell.
  • The student has to participate minimum 80% campus drives w.r.t. his / her eligibility

Our Promise

If any student fulfilled above conditions proved us wrong, we will pay the student once two time of minimum salary assurance.