The infrastructure and facility available on campus are amongst the very best.

The 8.1 acres beautiful campus has all sorts of facilities inside. The 5 storey mountainous GIFT building itself speaks volumes. Apart from this well-furnished Hostel and staff quarters facilitate students and staffs to be always together. The long play ground gives an opportunity to the physical development of giftians.Above all the beautiful lawns add beauty to the campus. It is a wholly self-contained campus comprising of everything that students on campus would ever require. One has to come down here and have a first-hand view of such a beautiful campus.

Standby power generators are provided in the campus to take care of the occasional power shut down due to maintenance.

A campus wide wireless computing network is in place that allows faculty, staff and students to log on to the Internet at any point of time. The Internet lab powered by dedicated leased lines (up-to 68 Mbps) is open for students even after college hours to help them spend extra time to make use of the abundant information available on the Internet.

GIFT College Bhubaneswar

Infrastructural FacilitiesNo of Rooms
Instructional Area ( Class Rooms )40
Instructional Area ( Tutorial Rooms )10
Instructional Area ( Computer Labs )6
Instructional Area ( Mechanical Labs )7
Instructional Area ( Civil Labs )4
Instructional Area ( Agriculture Labs )3
Instructional Area ( Electrical Labs )3
Instructional Area ( Electronics Labs )4
Instructional Area ( BSH Labs – Physics, Chem, English )1+1+1 (3)
Amenities (Cafeteria : No of shops )8
Amenities ( Canteen, Stores, Bank ATM, Gym, etc )2+4+1+2 (9)
Hostel – Boys1920 + 1000
Hostel – Girls320
Central Library (Volume of books)33,000+ books
Other Amenities AvailableNo of Shops / Room No
Cafeteria8 Shops
Doctors Chamber308
Central StoreNew Building (Ground Floor)
Gym509 (Girls), 510 (Boys)
Hobby Club RoomsRoom 511 to 516
Software Development UnitRoom No 322
Canteen600 seats
Sports RoomRoom No 517